TEAM a.r.g. is about creating games for Arduino based devices. We do this because we can and because we are the best and for all: it’s fun ! These are our current team members.

JO3RI: founder and owner of TEAM a.r.g. is actually an architect, but working as an IT-manager. At night he transforms into an Arduino game maker with a growing pation for 1bit pixel art, chiptunes and small C games. He tweets on @TEAMarg_org and occasionally on @JO3RI

TRODOSS: co-founder of TEAM a.r.g. is a web-based software developer who tinkers with micro-controller projects in his spare time. He has been contributing to the Arduino-based gaming scene since 2011. When he’s not "kicking it old skool" working on retro games, he’s teaching martial arts.