How does the Arduboy Game Loader and .arduboy files work

The Game Loader is an application that simplifies uploading a new game to your Arduboy and helps manage those games.

The .arduboy extensions was created for adding extra information to the game file. What you can find here, is the way we create our own files.

How to create your own .arduboy files to work with the Arduboy Game Loader

Yes you can create your own .arduboy files and use them with our Loader. All you have to do is put the necessary files into a zip file, change the .zip into .arduboy and you're done.

These are the minimum files you'll have to put into you .arduboy file:

.arduboy file (renamed zip file)

• screenshot00.png

• banner.png

• game.hex

• info.json

screenshot00.png (additional screenshots with ascending numbers)

an image of the titlescreen and/or in game screens.

• 128x64 pixels

• png file format

• be sure to set the name to screenshot00 and additional screenshots with ascending numbers

banner.png (additional screenshots with ascending numbers)

The banner is like a promoting game title image. See it as a replacement for the game boxes from the early days. Yes years ago, people bought games in boxes ;)

Make sure your banner meets these conditions:

• 700x192 pixels

• png file format

Here you can download a template banner.png with a transparant background and a 1 pixel wide border. You could resize the titlescreen 3x64 = 192 and put it on one side and put a small text on the other side of the banner. Have a look at our game page to get some ideas.


A compiled version of your game and make sure to test it, before you share it. You can test the .hex files with our Game Loader too.

info.json (create a txt file, but change the extension to json)


    "title" : "Title of the game",

    "description" : "explaining the game in short",

    "version" : "version number of the game",     

    "device" : "DevKit, Arduboy or Microcard",

    "author" : "JO3RI",

    "url" : "",

    "genre" : "Puzzle / Shooter / App / Demo / Action / Arcade / Platformer / RPG / Racing / Sports / Misc",

    "buttonUp" : "pause",

    "buttonDown" : "down",

    "buttonLeft" : "left",

    "buttonRight" : "right",

    "buttonA" : "action",

    "buttonB" : "other action",

    "date" : " November 2015",

    "idea" : "JO3RI",

    "code" : "JO3RI",

    "art" : "Castpixel",

    "sound" : "JO3RI",

    "publisher" : "TEAM a.r.g.",


Here you can download an example info.json file. All you have to do, is edit it with the editor you like. the order of the elements isn't important.